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Welcome to the Corner Brook Junior School.  An institution that is driven by its passion to quench the desire for knowledge and offer a holistic education to young people. 

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Our Benefits

At TCBJS we pride ourselves on providing talented educators and excellent facilities to support your child’s learning.

We work in partnership with you to ensure your child’s time with us is integrated with your goals and aspirations for their future.

Our pre-primary and primary school classes allow children to indulge in play-based learning, allowing them to follow their own interests.Some of our activities include:

A Music academy

Art-based projects

Cultural excursions

Home sciences

Skating lessons

Swimming classes

Ballet and Dance


Outdoor play

The Milk Programme 

At the Cornerbrook Junior School we are committed to child safety. We believe that all children have the right to feel safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect children and their engagement in the world around them.

TCBJS does not tolerate any form of child abuse and treats all safety concerns seriously in consistency with our policies and procedures.  Child safety is the responsibility of everyone within the Corner Brook community. 

Why Choose Us?

The Junior school will radiate the main pillar of our senior school which is empowerment through the enforcement of creativity, spirituality and discipline. We guarantee: 

Our Philosophy:


We believe children need to experience challenges that strengthen their confidence in themselves as learners and in their abilities. These experiences provide a sense of success and develop a willingness and excitement for new experiences and a thirst for learning.

Our Goal

This is our Mission

Growth is at our heart. Growing the minds of our children and the careers of young people and growing as a business to improve the quality of education and care that we provide.

We do this based on the needs of local families and communities in order to provide high-quality child care that focuses not just on the care, but also on the importance of early education.

In 2021, we intend to have the following classes: Reception, PP1PP2,and Grade 1-4. Our staff are highly and relevantly trained to ensure our promise is kept.