When children join us in pre-primary, our priority is to ensure they are happy and positive at school and to nurture their natural curiosity about the world around them.


The Primary School provides a stimulating learning environment and offers structured opportunities for academic, physical and social development, whilst encouraging children to become independent and take responsibility for their own learning.


We offer a range of programmes alongside our curriculum to allow children to establish and nurture their different talents and skills.

About Us


The Corner Brook Junior School is a special place to live and learn.

Family owned and family run, we offer a home away from home, whereby everyone is seen as an individual, with unique talents and interests, inspiring them to achieve their full potential.

Why Choose Us

With a population of approximately 200 students in our junior school, our small school campus fosters a close-knit community where students get to know each other and are well supported by our staff. In addition, students can form close friendships and maintain a peer support structure that continues for rest of their lives. We are proud of the multi-cultural ethos in our school with students who come from a wide range of backgrounds. The Corner Brook Junior School students bring their best to everything they do:  Academics, Athletics, the Arts and a multitude clubs and activities offered at our school.

  • Nurturing Individuality

    The Corner Brook Junior School treats every student as an individual whose voice matters.

  • Family Atmosphere

    Our family atmosphere means everyone feels at home, well cared for and supported. We have a COVID-19 Protection Plan in place to minimise the risks.

  • Language

    Every student learns English, the host language and is encouraged to practise it in the local community.

  • Interaction

    Our students make friends from all over and learn from each other’s cultural backgrounds.

  • Size of School

    The small size of the school makes it easy to fit in and feel connected to others.

  • Extra-Curricular

    We make sure that individual talents, strengths and interests are developed.

  • Student Life

    The Corner Brook Junior School students are happy, confident young people who are respectful to others.

  • Trips

    The trips and activities provide opportunities to learn in exciting new ways, discover new places and develop leadership skills.


What Our Parents Say

Our Curriculum

Our Admissions Process

Visit the School

We encourage all our prospective students to visit the school prior to applying. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a member of staff who will give you a personal tour of the grounds, answer any questions you may have abpout the school and provide a brochure outlining our academic services, extra cyurricular programmes and free structure for the year. 

Fill in the application form

You can do this online or in person when you visit the academy.  You may also be invited to fill in the parent information session. 

Student Selection

75% of all students who apply will be invited to join the Corner Brook Junior School.

The parents or guardians of the students selected will receive a personal call. You will be asked to confirm your child’s attendance at that time. If you require time to make your decision, you will be given 24 hours to respond or your position will be given to another applicant. The process of notifying applicants takes about a week.

You may hear from TCBJS up to a month later as that is our deadline to notify applicants.


Contact us for more Information

We’re open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. Give us a call, drop us an email or feel free to stop by whenever, someone will always be available to receive you! 

Our Teachers

Meet the Team

At the Cornerbrook Junior School we understand the need to provide high standards of education for children at the earliest stage of their lives. We go far above the national standards with our small class sizes and high teacher to student ratio. This means your child has more opportunity to express themselves and receive more individual attention from our highly qualified teachers.

Ms. Carol K.

The pride, dedication, and hard work that our students place on their educational goals is not only the secret to their easy advancement to junior high school, but it also forms the foundations of their continued success.

Mr. George N.

We strive to offer a stimulating child centered environment where each learner is respected and nurtured to achieve the highest standards of intellectual personal development. The instructional approach is designed to suit our diverse students’ background. 

Ms. Josephine M.

The school’s purpose is to provide motivated students who have demonstrated success and potential for growth with an opportunity to pursue a program of studies that challenges and enriches their learning experiences.